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For many years, the Eagle Harbor General Store also functioned as the local post office. This summer, in honor of former postmistress Claire Smith (who is rumored to have read others’ postcards and added commentary), the Store will host a mail-art postcard show.

There is a long tradition of artists altering, doctoring, subverting, and collaging postcards and sending the results through the postal service, much to the delight of the recipients.

“Artists found they could inexpensively, reliably, and rapidly communicate with other artists around the world through the mail. The development of the organized Mail Art movement was specifically due to the actions of the
Nouveau Realisme movement of the French in which Yves Klein participated with his "mail scandals,” the establishment of Ray Johnson's New York Correspondence School, and finally, the Fluxus movement, which questioned the possibility of mail as a medium.” - Oberlin College Mail Art Collection

A surge of mail art activity in the late 1960’s and 70’s brought the movement into pop art and beyond with such notables as Anna Banana, John Held Jr, Andrej Tisma, E.F. Higgins III (Doo-Dah Post), Chuck Welch (AKA Crackerjack Kid), culminated in the well-known artist postcard show /benefit at the AIR gallery in New York.

More info on mail art here:


Please take the time to create a unique postcard and send it to us at:

181 W. North
Eagle Harbor, MI 49950

Please include an e-mail address on the card so we can respond to you and keep you informed about the show. (Yeah, slightly ironic.)

All entries will be displayed and incorporated into the Store’s eclectic collection. Historical mail-art pieces will also be included in the show.

Postcards must be postmarked by August 31, 2019,
and the show will remain on view till October 12, 2019. All postcards will remain the property of the Eagle Harbor General Store Museum. All postcards may be used on social media and reproduced in a future publication.


Please send your submission through the US Post Office. It is a good idea to mail the card personally so you can make sure the proper postage is applied and the size is approved. You can find postal regulations here:

You can ask the postal worker to “hand cancel” your creation, but no guarantees it won’t be put through a machine.

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